Friday, December 16, 2016

The proposed PARK LAKE PRESERVE - Non-motorized pathway project

Back in 2011, Friends of Park Lake sponsored a booth at the Quietwater Symposium at Michigan State University to raise awareness of Park Lake, and it's diverse public natural resources, and we continue our strides forward to raise awareness and support for the Park Lake Preserve, a conceptual nature preserve, with a proposed round-the-lake non-motorized hiking trail coupled with the novel idea of incorporating innovative kayaking and canoeing waterway/trails along the southwest (wilderness) portions of Park Lake. There are several "rustic" canals and small channels that were cleared back in the 1940's that could be utilized simply by performing some judicious removal of fallen trees and deadwood.

 We feel strongly that this project would be the greatest benefit to Bath and surrounding community's students and residents of all ages, and all individuals that have a desire to learn more about Michigan's environment as it relates to wetlands, wildlife, and wilderness habitat including bogs.

Several programs at Michigan State University already utilize Park Lake's accessible shoreline to inspect and discover it's wealth of natural resources. MSU's Fisheries and Wildlife management departments regularly hold outdoor classes at the lake to better give students a "feel" for their environment on a first-hand basis.

Help us to promote this very worthwhile project for the community by voicing your support of Friends of Park Lake (FOPL).  Membership is not required to participate, but it is very economical, and does help us further our support of the surrounding environment by sponsoring significant projects in and around Bath's largest park, PARK LAKE.

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